SEO and Medium: A Beginners POV

What World did I just step into?

Laptop with SEO Search Engine Optimization on screen. Post its on wall.
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Day 12 of a writing challenge during National Novel Writing Month in November 2021.

Step 1- Google
When doing a quick Google search, I found out that SEO was an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines.

Directing traffic on the web and have that traffic drive by articles that I write on Medium sounds like a fun experiment to try. I am writing articles to publish, it is actually intriguing to me to learn what to do to get articles on a google search page. The content had to be sought after in the search bar and then paired with “key words”.

Step 2- Key Words
There are definitely key words used when creating websites, good to know. Now to search popular key words in the SEO niche to use in Medium. The next important tid-bit I read about was to say away from super competitive search queries like “weight loss” and “insurance”.
I opened up this web page with information on SEO key words. The next thing I focused on was information about “long tail key words”.

What Are Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keywords are search terms with relatively low search volume and competition levels. Also, long tail terms tend to be longer in length (3+ words) than most other keyword types.

I also looked this helpful visual representation:

I scrolled down to this informative graph below.

To put this in a nice neat straight forward package, using more specific and slightly longer search engine phrases. That and use the “Searches related to” area to see what searches pop up and use those words or phrases to possibly pop up on the google search page.

Step 3-Key Word Research Tools
It did not take me long to stumble upon the fact that there are key word research tools.
This started to feel like a puzzle for my brain and I was only going to stop when I solve it. I had to understand this research tool so I scrolled down on the video I was watching. The guy spoke about Morningfame and I went to search for it.
Morningfame seemed to have a sign up, and I am not ready for that commitment. The google search ended at Wordtracker. I typed in “Search Engine Optimization” and the stats were all there. All the information needed and even these historical line graphs.
I was impressed! I quickly noticed the words “11 free searches remaining”.

I had to use those searches wisely, this was only the beginning.



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