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Creating a place for oneself on Medium.

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Is a label really necessary?

Whether I’m writing poetry, short fiction, spiritual fantasy or even true stories, I always found it difficult to categorize exactly what genre each story would fall under.
What if, one day, I wanted to write an article on a documentary, do I just add that to my list of categories I write in?
Genre, Genre, Genre.
An echo of that word pounds inside my head at times.

It brings me to the point of wanting to toss my pen down after writing a few sentences on a page. Other times, I end up getting overwhelmed to the point of writing nothing at all.
I won’t even bring up the barrage of excuses that can be spouted out as an answer to the question, Why didn’t I write today?

Why didn’t I write anything on some days?

I would occasionally have this fire lit inside where I would write for days on end. On those days, time seemed to stand still while moving at lighting speed all at once. I loved writing and humans should do what they love on a daily basis and yet, I had not.

Did I have to face facts? Did I had fall into some sort of schlump?

I made a decision to take part in an event called National Novel Writing Month, for the first time. The goal was to write 50,000 words of a novel during the month of November. Many writers take part in this motivational writing experience every year.

I began that novel writing journey with fire in my heart and a trilogy in my mind. The event is referred to as NaNoWriMo, and I began to realize there was a whole writing community that was out in the world. This fact was foreign to me. It was time for me to learn about it and I Would have to learn fast. Is it odd to say that I do some of my best work at the last minute?

I do some of my best work at the last minute.

I dove deep to learn the main points first. There were terms like MC, which means main character and WIP, which is an acronym for work in progress that were easy enough terms to figure out and remember. There was one question in particular that stumped me every time someone asked.

The conversations went like this,

“OOO, you’re writing a novel?”

“Yes! It’s a trilogy!”

“AWESOME! What genre?”


I could go on and on about the content of The Trilogy and explain each of the 3 novels with excitement.
Hearing the unavoidable question of “What genre?” had me go straight into silent mode.
I did not have an answer for that question. I did not even know what genre it fell under.

Genre Troubleshooting

No, that wasn’t quite right for The Trilogy.
That sounds a bit better, although it still seems like something is missing.
This unsettling, back and forth tug of war went on for quite a while. I had novels forming and still no genre to categorize them under.

I wonder, does anyone else begin writing novels before knowing what genre they are?
To me, it seems like that answer would be a No. I am new at this whole article writing thing on this platform called Medium, but my love for writing knows no bounds. I am ready to learn as I go.

Time to find some writer friends and find out what they know.
This paid off and I found my way into an amazing group of women writers. We connected during NaNoWriMo and were always willing to answer each others questions.

I spent some time talking and listening in these writing groups and discovered there was a genre called Spiritual Fantasy.

Insert more googling here.

I always appreciate free knowledge.
The whole genre situation provoked me to search out information about different genres. I eventually found my way to an article written by someone on Medium.

I have never heard of Medium before.

I looked around Medium’s website and I discovered this platform allows the user to write in ANY genre. I had to know more and willingly jumped into the rabbit hole chasing after more information about all things Medium related.

The five dollars was paid to become a Medium member and I followed that up with a search on how to get started blogging on Medium. Informative and easy to follow videos by Zulie Rane were found, so I watched a few videos by her and filled notebooks up with important nuggets of knowledge.

A trilogy was getting written and I was unsure about what genre it was.

It all began with a simple search about genres and ended here.
Writing on this platform called Medium.
With Medium, I’ve discovered genre doesn’t seem to have a constraint.
Writers can write in any genre on this platform.
A persons writing will have opportunities to truly stand out.

I wrote from different prompts daily to help gain writing confidence in areas that were out of my writing comfort zone.

For me, this helped to chip away at the layers of protection I have built up around myself and what I wrote.

It can be hard to put a piece of writing out into the world no matter what the genre, but it is WORTH IT!

I look forward to reading and writing with you all!



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Zoe Odyssey

Zoe Odyssey

Mother to 3 and a wife to 1. Preschool Teaching Behavior Therapist turned writer in the pursuit of happiness. True Stories, Spiritual Fantasy, Poetry & more.